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For the long term or just for the weekend, we’ve got the right bin at the right price for all of your refuse needs at home and in the garden!

Order a safe and convenient wheelie bin rubbish service and kiss goodbye to pesky rubbish bags and the aftermath of the neighbours cats and dogs helping themselves to an extra meal at your expense and clean up!
If you are keen ‘DIYer’, then boy do we have the right skip bin for you.
For this and everything else in between, simply type in your address below to discover the range of services we have available in your neck of the woods.
Need help deciding? Then simply call us on 0800 424 990 for a no obligation chat about what’s right for you and your family or project.

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Still not sure what service you need?

Please call us on 0800 424 990 or see the bin types below to find out more about what service might suit your needs.

Tired of always forgetting to buy Council rubbish bags when you visit the supermarket? Why not retire the old rubbish bag and upgrade to a superior Smart wheelie bin service. No more hassle, mess or animal strike to clean up or the midnight dash to the supermarket to buy bags.

You’ll get 5 whole Council rubbish bags into one of our 240L bins and obviously 2.5 bags in a 120L bin!

Skip Bins

Sizes available: 3m³, 4.5m³, 6m³, 9m³

Click here to find out more about our bin sizes

Skip Bins come in all shapes and sizes of bins. So if you have a weekend project in the garden or are renovating the kitchen and you need a skip we have just the right size and price for you. Keep it for the weekend or hire the bin for a longer period of time – it’s up to you.

Still not sure? That’s ok, simply call us on 0800 424 990 and we can help you decide.

Need something smaller than a skip bin, bigger than a wheelie bin (and just as mobile – these bins have wheels) also with a regular pick up service? For those large families, at home businesses and very keen gardeners, we can offer a 660L or 1100L refuse bin service!

For this one, we suggest you call us on 0800 424 990 so we can talk through your options.

Looking to upgrade your Rotorua Lakes Council services?

Look no further, simply type in your address in our Residential Bin Enquiry tool (below) and all our Rotorua-based services, including those offered by Rotorua Lakes Council (which are delivered by Smart), will be available to purchase.

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