Smart Environmental has been in the Waste, Resource Recovery and Parks industries for over 25 yrs. It is a NZ Inc success story which is still unfolding…

Smart Environmental has been in the Waste, Recycling, Resource Recovery and Parks industries for over 25 yrs.  The company initially operated as Streetsmart Ltd, then rebranded to Smart Environmental Ltd (Smart); the company was 100% owned by Grahame Christian for the majority of these years.

The company continued to grow and go from strength to strength, focusing on strong relationships, collaboration, partnerships, working together and doing what we say we will do. With this growth and the change in contract terms and capital requirements, in 2016 the company went to market to find a suitable partner to aid in the increasing capital requirements and to grow the business with. We had many interested parties; however Grahame wanted to retain the ownership in New Zealand.

In July 2017, Maui Capital invested into Smart alongside Smart Senior Management, through its Maui Capital Aqua Fund. Maui Capital’s modus operandi is to partner successful and like-minded management teams, to assist those teams to execute their growth strategies and build great local New Zealand businesses.

Maui and Smart’s shared vision is the creation of a uniquely kiwi industry player of scale in the waste sector. Currently we have strong relationships with 16 Councils, across 25 contracts and approximately 400 staff plus owner drivers We think we are a good news story for New Zealand owned businesses. We hold contracts with approximately 30% of New Zealand’s Territorial Authorities.

Maui believes that business is about people. It is critical to Maui that the people with whom it partners are passionate about what they do; are aligned; value enduring relationships and partnerships, are of the highest integrity; and give back to the communities in which they operate. We are fortunate that Maui believes that Smart fits these criteria, and has selected Smart as a business it wishes to work with to build and grow. Many of the Smart management team also hold shares in the company.

Company Overview

We live in a World that is increasingly straining under the weight of rapid consumerism – driven with little thought to long term consequence. The public is beginning to awaken to the size of the issue and our vision is to provide the leadership needed to turn this sentiment into a better outcome for all.

We are a 100% New Zealand owned and our shareholders are aligned around creating a uniquely Kiwi enterprise that we can all be proud of. We are also building a business that people can invest in.

Health and Safety

The Health and Safety of staff, contractors and other stakeholders including the public are paramount to Smart in the fulfillment of every contract. Smart takes Health & Safety seriously. As well as the comprehensive systems we employ every day, Smart’s leadership, starting with its Board and Senior Management Team are committed to continuously improving Health and Safety systems and outcomes within the company and also the broader industry. Smart’s Managing Director is also an active member of the Business Leaders Health and Safety Forum.

We have recently introduced a new Health and Safety campaign “Work Smart, Home Safe”  as an on-going ‘top of mind’ grass roots programme for all staff of the connection between working safely and going home safely each day.

A note from Grahame:

In a time of constant and rapid change, challenges arise every day. It is how we deal with those changes and challenges that set us apart.

Adaptable, innovative and customer, supplier and employee focused organisations will flourish in that environment – and we do. We build long-term relationships, some of our customers, suppliers and employees have been with us for nearly 20 years and some even longer.

To survive and thrive as we have done can only be achieved through a dedicated “smart” and hardworking team. Our team have built a reputation of trust and reliability. We are open and honest with ourselves and our customers. We share knowledge and information, we won’t hide our mistakes, we will tell you about it and we will fix it. It is no accident; our point of difference is what I have said above and how we will work with you.

Our leadership team are qualified and skilled, our management is outcome focused and our staff are committed to doing a great job. Our fleet and systems are modern and our solutions are bespoke to our customers’ needs, no one-size fits all.

With a skilled and experienced Board of Directors, backed up by the ever supportive team at Maui Capital, our direction and focus is clear and most importantly we want all of our people to go home safe – every day.

We believe that even within this ever-changing environment, there is a place for old-fashioned values.

Welcome to Smart Environmental.

Grahame Christian
Managing Director