Smart Environmental offers an extensive range of solutions for your industrial, office, and commercial waste & recycling needs

We can provide all of your commercial waste & recycling needs like:
  • One bin for all of your rubbish
  • One bin for your recycling which we will then empty, sort and recycle at our locally owned Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)
  • Individual bins for different commercial waste and recycling types
Simply give us a call on 0800 424 990, and we’ll come out and visit your place of business to help determine the most cost-effective commercial refuse & recycling programme for you.
You might be surprised with the options we can come up with to save you time and money.

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Not sure what service you need?

Please call us on 0800 424 990 for a free no-obligation site visit or click on the bin types below to find out more about what service might suit your needs.

Wheelie Bins

From refuse to recycling options, including paper, card, plastics and glass; one or more wheelie bins for different waste streams could be the answer you've been looking for. Weekly or fortnightly services are available and these bins are really easy to handle and move around.

Just a bigger bin on wheels really, again this is perfect for refuse or different recyclables and available in two sizes. With weekly or fortnightly collections this bin is simple and easy to use, just perfect if you don't have a lot of space and need to move the bin around.

Front Load Bins

Sizes available: 1.5m³, 3.0m³, 4.5m³

Click here to find out more about our bin sizes

For the more serious commercial and industrial players, these bins can be used for refuse and recycling and can be placed on site in one location for weekly or fortnightly servicing. Use one or more for refuse and one or more for paper and plastic!

Skip bins are a builders best friend. You can rely on us for quick pick-ups and re-deliveries so you can keep on top of your project and not have to worry about your rubbish. Skips come in all different shapes and sizes of bins and you can have it for the weekend or for a longer time frame - it's your call. With a quick phone call or email and we'll come right over and empty it.

This is the mother of all bins and is a very cost effective solution if you have a massive clean up at hand or a major demolition job. You'll need to call us about this one, so we can get the right service, size and price for you. Hook bins literally get loaded on a truck using a big hook! Phone 0800 424 990 today to discuss your needs with us.

*Bin availability varies by location.

American Express Queenstown Winter Festival

“The Winter Festival’s waste management solutions provided by Smart Environmental are first rate, well organised. Flexible and always willing to help are what make the SEL team an invaluable component in Queenstown having a successful, environmentally friendly and smoothly run festival.” Mike Heasman

Production Manager

Great Coromandel Coastal Clean-up

“A massive thank you to Smart Environmental for transporting all of the rubbish. Around 160 of us worked together to remove rubbish from coastlines around the Peninsula. Combined with the nearly 400 volunteers from schools and community groups in the weeks leading up to this Saturday, we have left the Coromandel’s beaches a whole lot cleaner.”

Sustainable Coastlines

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